EFQM Global Excellence Award

Recognising the world's best performing organisations

The EFQM Global Excellence Award is organised once a year and it is designed to recognise the world's best performing organisations, whether private, public or non-profit. It recognises industry leaders with an indisputable track record of success in turning strategy into action and continuously improving their organisation's performance.

Organisations describe the Award as "like playing in the Champions League", because it is supported by one of the most rigorous assessment processes based on the EFQM Excellence Model. A team of international managers with different backgrounds spend one week on applicants‚a site, or an average of 500 hours interviewing people at all levels and analysing the organisation's performance.

The feedback from the assessor teams are then presented to an independent jury that decides the level of recognition for each Nominee.  To win the EFQM Global Excellence Award, an applicant must be able to demonstrate that their performance not only exceeds that of their peers, but also that they will maintain this advantage into the future. A prize winner is an organisation which demonstrates role model behaviour in one of the 8 Fundamental Concepts of Excellence:

  • Adding Value for Customers
  • Creating a Sustainable Future
  • Developing Organisational Capability
  • Harnessing Creativity & Innovation
  • Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity
  • Managing with Agility
  • Succeeding through the Talent of People
  • Sustaining Outstanding Results

The winners of the EFQM Global Excellence Award are announced at the Gala Dinner during the annual EFQM Forum.

"The EFQM Excellence Award process is essential to our continued journey towards excellence.  The outputs we received from the 2010 process were of the highest quality and deeply incisive.  We have taken those outputs and plugged them straight into our continuous improvement programme.  In addition the caliber of individuals involved in the assessment was outstanding, a stellar cast of Europe's finest practitioners of excellence.  In summary for us the process was an outstanding experience."
Finbarr Downling - Managing Director, Siemens, United Kingdom

Why apply?

  • Enhance your reputation: Be recognised as a high performing organisation, showcase your greatest achievements, build and reinforce the image of your organisation.
  • Receive high value feedback: A team of independent, trained professionals will analyse your organisation and identify your strengths, opportunities for improvement and role model practices.
  • Motivate your people: The ambition and thrill to succeed inspires, motivates and energises your employees at all levels of the organisation in a positive and constructive atmosphere.
  • Find out how good you are: Your maturity is evaluated with a rigorous and time-proven process, which allows you to compare against role model organisations.
  • Announce your success: Your achievement, analysed by the assessors and recognised by the Jury, will be visible and promoted globally. Your role model practices will be shared for others to learn from you.
  • Connect & share with the best: Become part of a network of leading organisations. Share your role model practices, network and learn from peers.

EFQM Global Excellence Award 2017 - Key dates

  • Applicant webinar – between September & December 2016
  • Call for Assessors – November 2016
  • Applicant application: between October 2016 and December 2016
    • Completed and signed Application Form
  • EFQM decision about your participation: end of December 2016/beginning of January 2017
  • Submission document sent to EFQM : 10th February 2017
  • Assessor briefing events
  • 6-10 March 2017
  • 13-17 March 2017
  • 20-24 March 2017
  • 27-31 March 2017
  • Site visit – 8-12 May 2017
  • Jury meeting – July 2017
  • EFQM Forum – September/October 2017

Who can apply?

Applicants must hold a current 5-star EFQM Recognised for Excellence, issued within the last 2 years by EFQM or one of our Partners, before they can enter the Award process. For companies headquartered outside Europe, please contact us.

For more information, feel free to contact us at info@efqm.org.

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