From Chaos to Innovation

8 March 2017

Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, S.A.

Prize Winner in Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity in 2015

The EFQM feedback is always very valuable for us, because it is strategically and future oriented. After our first participation in the EFQM Excellence Award in 2011, we developed a new vision for our company, based on innovation and on a strategic partnership with the University of Minho. This activity supported strongly the change of our product portfolio and the successful launch of new business with new customers.

Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, S.A. - 2015


Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, S.A. is a production plant and Research & Development Centre of complex electronic systems. Currently, the plant produces a wide portfolio that spans across navigation systems, instrumentation systems and high-end car radios for the automotive industry, steering angle ​sensors for ESP-system, electronic controllers for heating equipment, and controllers for household appliances. Over the years, the know-how of more than 2000 associates turned the company into a reference in the electronics market.​


Discover with José Oliveira this plant's journey from Chaos to Innovation