A customer focused culture

27 March 2014

Ooredoo Qatar

EFQM Recognised for Excellence - 5 Star in 2013

“Recognised for Excellence combines an externally validated analysis of our performance recognising the achievements and it provides us with a framework to increase our competitiveness, productivity and efficiency. It also helps us to understand how well our current management practices are delivering the results and discover learning and improvement opportunities”.
Gnanendren. B (B.Ghani), Senior Manager – Operational Excellence


Ooredoo Qatar, formerly known as Qatar Telecom, is the flagship telecommunications operator of Ooredoo, one of the world’s largest multinational telecommunications companies. It is the largest telecommunications operator in Qatar, with more than 2.5 million consumer and business customers who use its mobile, broadband, digital and fibre services. Ooredoo has experienced significant growth over the last six years, transforming from a single market operator in Qatar to an international communications company with global customer base of more than 91 million people (as of 31 March 2013) and consolidated revenues of US$ 9,2 billion for fiscal year 2012.

Benefits of implementing the EFQM Excellence Model

  • Ooredoo Q has achieved its target of becoming Qatar #1 brand in 2010 and is holding its position until today, confident of maintaining and even slightly improving its position.
  • Revenues have increased around 30% the last four years.
  • Effective leadership is clearly visible at Executive Team management positions and beyond. There is a strong commitment for investing on human capital and employee engagement by the top management of the Company. Employees are highly willing to be creative and innovate which results in successful products.
  • Ooredoo Q is exceeding customer expectations and employees have the necessary means and resources to deliver quality and drive change.
  • Customer Satisfaction shows a high satisfaction level (around 80%) and a positive trend over 4 years.
  • The overall network satisfaction is perceived high (85%) and stable over a period of 4 years, for both the local and international network.
  • The Overall People Engagement Score shows a positive trend over the last five years.

“Ooredoo Qatar has created, driven by their leaders and through their dedicated people, a customer focussed culture enabling Ooredoo Qatar to sustain their leading position within the fierce competitive Qatar Telecom market. Ooredoo Qatar has proven to be a role model for excellence within their region and for all companies within the Ooredoo Group worldwide.”
Léon Tossaint, Assessment Team Leader