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EFQM Members, including more than 400 companies and organisations that share a common goal: the pursuit of excellence. The EFQM Members cover a wide range of organisations from various industry sectors, countries, large or small, public or private sector.  Click here to view EFQM Member list

Our Members are at the heart of everything we do at EFQM. Based on the feedback we receive through regular surveys, including the Annual Member Survey, we focus our efforts on improving the products and services we offer to increase the value added to EFQM Members and other users of the EFQM Excellence Model.

EFQM Members Survey 2016

We have been running an annual survey for our members every March since 2009, giving Members the chance to give us feedback on what is working, what they like and where they feel we need to improve.

Key Feedback from the 2016 Survey

  • 90% of Members agree or strongly agree that using the EFQM Excellence Model helps improve their organisation.
  • 88% of Members agree or strongly agree that using the EFQM supports the development of Business Excellence.
  • 85% of Members agree or strongly agree that they intend to renew their EFQM Membership.
  • 75% of Members agree or strongly agree that EFQM is effective at sharing Good Practice.
  • 74% of Members agree or strongly agree that being a member of EFQM has enlarged their professional network.

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