Good Practice Visit

  • Workshop @ Electrolux - Excellence in Ecosystem Platform

    27 June 2017

    Today, Innovation, Personalization, Digitalization, the Internet of things and Sustainability are changing the rules of the game. With these ongoing transformations, we need to expect tectonic changes in the structure of industries in the next 20 years. More disruptions and value chains reconfigurations have to be anticipated. We have only seen the first sparks of a broad transformation.

    Connected technologies are popping up everywhere. The automotive industry is challenged by new players who are working on self-driving car technologies and mobility services. In banking or logistics, startups are challenging established players. Cities rely on a wide range of players who will need to work together to become SMART. Who you compete and collaborate with will increasingly play a role in your success.The business landscape is best described as a continuously changing ecosystem where some relationships and collaborations need to be abandoned while others need to be strengthened, initiated or nourished. 

    During the workshop we will investigate how an organisation can excel at leading and working in an ecosystem. This requires new frameworks, strategies and ways of working. We will reflect on how to find the key players who will offer differentiation opportunities We will exchange on how we can best initiate and manage collaboration across an ecosystem over time. The day will include a short presentation and three highly interactive sessions. We will end the day with a framework to assess our ability to lead ecosystem excellence.


  • Good Practice Visit - Aéroports de Lyon

    25 September 2017

    During one day, you can really expect to discover airports like never before and to enter the backstage of Aéroports de Lyon: the nerve centre of all operations, from passengers' journey to flight routes but also luggage dispatching. It will also be the occasion to discover the brand new Terminal 1 with its 70,000 square meters where we mix international and low cost carriers, making Aéroports de Lyon able to handle more than 15 million passengers! Furthermore, Aéroports de Lyon is planning a thematic lunch to ensure networking as well as discussions on specific topics of interest to enable you to bring actionable knowledge back.

    Visit postponed to September.