The essence of LOTRIČ Metrology is clearly visible: it is in the people they employ

30 May 2018

LOTRIČ Metrology is a family company from Slovenia. This accredited laboratory is performing calibrations and testing with love for metrology for nearly three decades. They develop state of the art, highly perfected, but easy-to-use metrology products and services. By transferring knowledge, representing top Slovene and foreign producers of measurement, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment, this company is at the same time a driving force for progress of the field of metrology in Slovenia. LOTRIČ Metrology stands for quality and excellence. They operate according to ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 standards and the EFQM model of excellence. From this year, they are also an EFQM member.

On Friday, 18 May 2018, they hosted a group of 17 representatives of the EFQM Community, on their European partner meeting.

First, they were greeted by the general manager, Marko Lotrič, followed by company presentation conducted by Urška Habjan and Maja Lotrič. Afterwards, the group experienced a guided tour through the laboratories and left with a strong positive impression. They were able to see that such strong culture and values, which were first presented, are alive and imbedded in everyday life of the staff at LOTRIČ Metrology.


From the outset, the company's operations are based on clearly defined values that are enclosed in the elements of water, earth and air. Water, that is the source of life, stands for quality, trust and accuracy. Earth, that feeds us, stands for expertise, honesty and clarity. Air – they let the spirit go free – contains from values innovativeness, openness and infinity. With fire in their eyes, they add the fourth element of life.

Leading with vision, inspiration and integrity

Growing as family company comes with its own benefits and challenges. Spreading responsibility to three levels was one of the important steps, taken in 2011.

In accordance with the company’s philosophy, they have named teams:

  • Precise (working in laboratory with the highest demand for accuracy)
  • Pleasant (working in the field of temperature, humidity, also IT department)
  • Clever (sales, marketing, finance, accounting)

Internationally acclaimed

As an entrepreneur, the current owner and general manager Marko Lotrič started with a workshop, where he had mainly worked in the field of calibration of scales, weights and pipettes.

Today, group unites over 120 experts in the field of metrology, employed in six countries. 

Leading provider of all-in-one solutions

LOTRIČ Metrology is a leading provider of all–in–one metrology solutions. With 197 accredited methods, they can cover 95 % of all metrology needs in most of the companies.

With certificates in 42 countries and the QNET network of international partners, LOTRIČ Metrology ensures services in the CEE region and beyond. They boast over 14,733 companies among references.

On average 305 metrology check per day are being performed in the company LOTRIČ Metrology

Quality, excellence, growth

LOTRIČ Metrology stands for quality and excellence. Accredited laboratory operate according to ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 standards and the EFQM Model of excellence. In 2012, they received the highest national award for business excellence, as well as the European 5-star recognition Award. In the same year, they have also received the national award for the best among fastest growing companies (bronze Gazelle). In 2017, they have also been named employer of the year and have received the local Golden Thread Award. From this year onwards, they are also an EFQM member.

Culture of excellence

Excellence are we – people

They are aware that incentives and motivation are crucial in the development of an individual. “We encourage additional training of our colleagues and take care of the transfer of knowledge through

a team of three co-workers from different teams, breakfast of teams where they discuss current practices and annual Academy of universe: where we all gather for two days and set strategic activities for the following year.”

One of their best practices is a unique payment system, which ensures high motivation. Based on evaluation from co-workers, working efficiency and proposals, they collect shooting stars. Each proposal is presented and evaluated. Once implemented, it is also awarded. Firstly, it is awarded as financial award and secondly, five different awards are given at an annual Academy. On the day that general manager’s wife, Mojca Lotrič celebrates her birthday, they celebrate “the golden day”. On that day, 19 November, a golden leaf is given to an individual that has shown incredible work during the past year.

The company operates according to the principles of a family-friendly company and takes care of health and well-being of its employees, the local social environment and society as a whole. “Every year our employees meet at picnics, field trips abroad and in December, Saint Nicolas visits our employees and their children.”

They are constantly developing organisation capability – by designing Strategy of development, reorganisation of work processes and much more. »We are aware how important the transfer of ownership is in a family run businesses, that is why we decided to create our own family constitution, which was signed by all members of the family and thus commit ourselves to follow the guidelines both, at work and outside.”

Signing the family constitution photo

They are on a mission of expending the circle of trust. With accurate measurement and testing specialist, they expand the culture of excellence. And the field of metrology. »Our desire is to bring the world of measuring also closer to our youngest. Thus, we designed the project Young Metrologist, which we carried out last year in kindergartens across Slovenia. In the workshops, children made their first steps into the world of measuring technology. Among other things, they found that it is easier to measure playrooms with the measuring wheel than it is with a tape measure and that, due to the noise, they would sometimes need ear plugs in the playroom.«

And what will the future bring? Constant growth and outstanding business results with a combination of leading with vision, inspiration & integrity is paving company a wide path.

Marko Lotrič, general manager: Sometimes people ask why is the circle of companies who use the LOTRIČ Metrology services growing. What is it that makes our work and us excellent?

Do you remember the story of the Little Prince? There is a fox in the story. It teaches the Prince that he has to see things with his heart – because, what is essential is invisible to the eye.

However, the essence of LOTRIČ Metrology is very visible.

The essence are we – people. We love what we do and that makes us excellent.

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