Good Practice Visit - Glasgow Housing Association 27th September 2018

29 March 2018


27 September 2018 – Glasgow Housing Association

Good Practice Visit - Good Practice Visit - Succeeding through the Talent of People: Our Think Yes Culture


We are delighted to invite you to join, on September 27th, a Good Practice Visit on  "Succeeding through the Talent of People: Our Think Yes Culture" hosted by Glasgow Housing Association.  During this event, you will discover their achievements and know-how of an award winner. 

Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) is Scotland's largest social landlord with 40,000 affordable homes in Glasgow. GHA’s £1.8 billion investment programme - the largest of its kind in Europe - has modernised and improved over 70,000 social homes since 2003, while its building programme has created more than 2000 new houses and apartments, with another 2500 in the pipeline.
This physical transformation of the city has been accompanied by a revolution in support services provided to Glasgow tenants by passionate, expert staff who live and breathe GHA’s nationally-recognised “ThinkYes” culture. These are housing, repairs, environmental and support officers who welcome and embrace the opportunity to trust their own judgment and decision-making to deliver highly-personalised, award-winning services.
It is a quality and intensity of service fostered by patch sizes of just 200 tenants, the smallest in UK social housing. Frontline staff are
enabled and supported to tailor and customise services on an unparalleled basis.
Key themes:
Succeeding Through the Talent of People: Our Think Yes Culture
Developing Organisational Capability: Working With Others To Create Great Places
The sessions will be interactive, inviting questions, comments and discussion throughout the day. There will be plenty of opportunities for participants to discuss with GHA staff about their experiences.

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