EFQM Partner Meeting in Prague

7 April 2017

Together We Lead Excellence

The EFQM Team was in Prague for 2 days with over 30 of its partners to work on new projects, create ideas and innovate and present initiatives! Day 1 took place on Thursday April 6th at the stunning Hotel Kampa and saw a lot of team work but also presentations

  • Ruud Stassen on the topic Excellence beyond ISO
  • Ondrej Hyks from CSQ presenting the project: CSR into schools

It was also a great opportunity to get everyone together, meet new faces and exchange best practices in a very special and inspiring environment.

Day 2 took place at Eli Beamlines laser centre near Prague. Despite the venue change, spirits were as creative and motivated, embodying perfectly the motto recently developed by EFQM : Together We Lead Excellence (#TogetherWeLeadExcellence). One of the presentations on the day was from Anne-Charlotte Holmgren from SIQ presenting the process for their model renewal..

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