EFQM Global Excellence Index - Don't miss out!

16 May 2018

EFQM Global Excellence Index

  • Recognises world’s best performing organisation on their journey to sustainable Excellence.
  • Provides your organisation global exposure and visibility showcasing what you have achieved through your Journey for Excellence including good and role model practices and what you are proud of sharing.
  • The Index will position your organisation as an active or even leading organisation for Excellence within your sector at a global level for a period of 3 years. It is a unique platform to enhance the visibility and image of your organisation as a driver for excellence, within and beyond your sector.


Why join the EFQM Global Excellence Index?

  • Profile your organisation amongst the “best-in-class”
  • The Index is based on an internationally recognised assessment methodology
  • Your organisation’s hard work to integrate excellence into the core of your business is having a significant impact
  • Benchmark your performance against the rest of your industry/sector
  • Organisations sharing proven role-model practices
  • Be proud of contributing to building the most widely recognised excellence index in the world



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Sophie Wager

Manager, Marketing & Communication     
Avenue des Olympiades 2, 1140 Brussels, Belgium

T: +32 2 775 35 14 or globalexcellenceindex@efqm.org 

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